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RT @franckytrichet: Merci à toute l’équipe de la SAT de Montréal pour cette immersion dans ce lieu remarquable et tellement remarqué au niv…


Franco Morán, de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, visitó el país para dar un taller formativo de #extensión univ…


RT @franckytrichet: Sublime expérience immersive au dôme de la @SATmontreal qui depuis 25 ans a su garder un temps d’avance en Art Science…


"We're seeing a fundamental shift from old paradigms that forced us to learn how to interact with machines toward n…


RT @oldshopsoz: Vintage neon sign still standing on Church St Parramatta, western Sydney. Member submission by @ajh1962 shared with thanks…


RT @phanglegal: Parramatta Farmers Market every Friday. #parramatta #parrafarmersmarket @parrafarmersmarket


RT @GREENERYORG: ช็อกโกแลตเมดอินไทยแลนด์ เทรนด์ใหม่ที่กำลังมาในวงการอาหารบ้านเรา #EatGoodLiveGreen #GreeneryOrg


RT @evacide: You should read this work of investigative journalism because it made Elon Musk so angry, he threatened to make a "Yelp for jo…


RT @biancawylie: "For most cities, innovation doesn’t look like autonomous vehicles or the nausea-inducing internet of things, nor should i…


RT @FacingCanada: "My generation knew that democracy only works when ALL can share in the prosperity of progress." @Harryslaststand we hear…


RT @Jay_Pitter: Ummm... this perspective is antiquated. More than ever folks crave connectivity to their neighbours, vibrant and safe stree…


RT @EtanaCain: Powerful read! How I’m raising my daughter to be 100 percent, unapologetically Indigenous


RT @fortyork: It's here! The full festival lineup for the 2018 Indigenous Arts Festival June 21-24 has landed. This year's fest features @_…


RT @CivicHallTO: The Toronto Declaration: A call for a human rights framework in machine-learning. It's uplifting to see such a civic-minde…


My week on Twitter 🎉: 32 Mentions, 34.7K Mention Reach, 174 Likes, 62 Retweets, 68.7K Retweet Reach. See yours with…


The world's fishing industry can be seen from space


Solid attendance tonight. Thanks to those who came out to support local entrepreneurs working to make health & well…


#Onourradar: Blockchain Tops the List of the 20 Fastest-Growing Skills.


Artist @WModes travels on homemade "shantyboats" down major U.S. rivers, visiting small river communities and learn…


¡Más actividades del #DíaInternacionaldelJuego "Sonrisas de mi Pueblo" Este Sábado 26 a partir de las 11 h 🌞 Resor…


Mengapa Kita Tertawa Kalau Digelitik?


RT @Massey_Uni_Lib: The food science building site now & in 1968. See more Massey history in Tāmiro digital archive or Massey Archives ope…


Nuestros amigos de @DocsMX tienen abierta la convocatoria para inscribir producciones documentales en sus secciones…


How technology is driving a fourth wave of environmentalism


El documental @LechuVive busca reconstruir la historia de vida de Santiago Maldonado en palabras de sus amigos más…

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RT @HUBinaBOX: Gabriela Agustini of Olabi sharing one of their most sustainable revenue streams. #HubSustainability


RT @HUBinaBOX: Words of wisdom by @christophfahle of @betahaus on most successful revenue streams! #HubSustainability…

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An open-source tools-shop for people building and running hubs. Apps, models, kits and technology to help with everything from business planning to impact measurement.  

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About this project

There are millions of people convening in hubs across the globe to create civic ideas and enterprises that demonstrate another world is possible. They are supported and hosted by hub-makers who shape the spaces and networks to grow potential. But who supports the hub-makers? These brave and visionary people often lack access to the skills, tools and markets they deserve to thrive.

Open Movement° is a meeting place for hub-makers of any and all kinds. It’s an atlas of initiatives, an open box of tools, a home for learning and a marketplace of calls to action.

The platform is being built with leaps of faith, generosity and investment by Open° and our friends. Open° is a small, emerging collective of people from places as diverse as Amsterdam, Cairo, Kigali, London, New York, Shanghai and Tunis dedicated to civic renewal around the world.
Our friends are The 1% Club, ICE, Hivos, British Council, Impact Hub, Nesta Labs, Fab Foundation, AfriLabs, Ananse, Indigo Trust, and the Salzburg Global Seminar.

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