Open Movement° is an open-source platform and global meeting place for hub-makers - people creating more open, collaborative and creative spaces around the world.

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He's got that #FridayFeeling. Ray Harryhausen's monster goes on a rampage in 20 Million Miles to Earth at 1.25pm.


RT @e52nl: Goede baankansen voor afgestudeerden Technische Universiteit Eindhoven - #Eindhoven…


RT @joosthelms: Trots op groots bedrijf in onze Brainportregio! @DAFTrucksNV #Eindhoven @Brainport_ehv


@aspire_africa Awareness and authority I'll give you business. #SpotlightOnMusic


Time for some lunchtime listening from @blackph03nix in preparation for tonight's #SkateLates…


The primary purpose of funding for startups is to speed up the time from idea to break-even revenues.


Confira o line-up do festival #recnplay.


Define platform and let it guide you. #SpotlightOnMusic @aspire_africa


Looking for a workshop with incredible facilities to work in? We offer Open Access Sessions for incredible hourly…


Three-quarters of antibiotics are used on animals. Here's why that's a major problem


"Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned." - Buddha


The 2nd edition of the Google Play Indie Games Contest is now open for submissions. This contest will recognize...


It's #blackfriday! We invite you to Gold Friday- our alternative to the frenzied street-bound shopping sprees. On…


"Technology itself is neutral. This is why we need to talk about responsibility and ethics when developing technolo…


15% OFF ON BLACK FRIDAY and all weekend! (promo code BlackFriday) Give the perfect gift celebrating SA's creativit…


Consumerism can feel all-consuming. But people are resisting. Listen to inspiring @CCFcambridge talk about their re…


RT @Writeideafest: Read the all of the amazing winners of the Writeidea Short Story Competition online! #writeidea…


15% OFF ON BLACK FRIDAY and all weekend! (promo code BlackFriday) Give the perfect gift celebrating SA's creativit…


Put a time cap on how much and how long you can be generous. Always define your free. #SpotlightOnMusic @aspire_africa


Morre-nos um coworker, um amigo, um génio criativo da comunicação. Volta sempre, Pedro Rolo Duarte. Não sabíamos...


Did you know that you can get wood-fired pizzas from the talented Dough Bros right here @SCFoodMarket? It's like a…


The Christmas countdown has begun! Check out our amazing Christmas book display at Idea Store Watney Market! #Xmas…


On Tuesday Chrysula Winegar will be coming to us live from New York City! @unfoundation, @GlobalMomsChall, Wake Up…


RT @caBritish: Thrilled to be attending @IETM in Brussels with 900 performing arts practitioners from across the globe! Impressive first da…

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RT @HUBinaBOX: Gabriela Agustini of Olabi sharing one of their most sustainable revenue streams. #HubSustainability


RT @HUBinaBOX: Words of wisdom by @christophfahle of @betahaus on most successful revenue streams! #HubSustainability…

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Celebrating Hubs in every shape and size - from pop-up shops to maker-spaces, social venture incubators to creative clusters.


An open-source tools-shop for people building and running hubs. Apps, models, kits and technology to help with everything from business planning to impact measurement.  

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Invitations to participate - with ideas, investment, knowledge, time and experience. 


A home for dedicated communities to share ideas, stories and data. A space to collaborate with other hubs in the community and build bigger value.

About this project

There are millions of people convening in hubs across the globe to create civic ideas and enterprises that demonstrate another world is possible. They are supported and hosted by hub-makers who shape the spaces and networks to grow potential. But who supports the hub-makers? These brave and visionary people often lack access to the skills, tools and markets they deserve to thrive.

Open Movement° is a meeting place for hub-makers of any and all kinds. It’s an atlas of initiatives, an open box of tools, a home for learning and a marketplace of calls to action.

The platform is being built with leaps of faith, generosity and investment by Open° and our friends. Open° is a small, emerging collective of people from places as diverse as Amsterdam, Cairo, Kigali, London, New York, Shanghai and Tunis dedicated to civic renewal around the world.
Our friends are The 1% Club, ICE, Hivos, British Council, Impact Hub, Nesta Labs, Fab Foundation, AfriLabs, Ananse, Indigo Trust, and the Salzburg Global Seminar.

The invitation

We’re just getting started. We’d love you to be part of growing and developing this open source platform.